Comments from our May 2018 cohort

“I really enjoyed the hotseats – it was so good to hear other delegates’ questions and then have instant answers from experts in their fields. The questions were so diverse that we covered a lot of topics in a relatively short space of time.”

Nicola Griffiths, Deputy Head, Ipswich High School

“I particularly enjoyed the work on marketing and in defining what my vision and values are…I think I have learnt more in the last month than I have learnt in all the CPD sessions I have attended!”

Sam Payne, Deputy Head (Pastoral), James Allen’s Girls’ School

“The online course has been an interesting and user-friendly way to learn and has fitted well into my lifestyle. I will miss it!”

Emma Turner, Educational Consultant, Singapore

“What have I particularly enjoyed? Legitimately having the time and space to focus on myself, my ambitions and goals, with the ‘pressure’ to get things done every week. It hasn’t been easy always to factor in the time, but it has been worth it. It has also been really enjoyable to interact with the other members of the course and be inspired by (and hopefully inspire) them.”

David Hallen, Head of Sixth Form, Godolphin School

“I’ve enjoyed a number of the think pieces which were shared. They contained a range of useful pointers/checklists which shaped the topics we covered really helpfully and provided good reference points for future reading and work on the topics.”

Mary-Clare Startin, Head of the Boys’ School, Berkhamsted

“The hotseat on governance was particularly helpful in giving practical ideas and strategies for increasing governor involvement and engagement, breaking down barriers between teaching staff and governors and bringing about a more positive culture.”

Allison Saunders, Senior Leader (Communication), St Helen’s Northwood

The course has given me a lot of confidence and reassurance that leading an Independent School is a great thing to do and something I remain very keen to do.

Stuart Turner, Assistant Head (Head of Lower School), Alleyn’s School

“I have enjoyed that unique kind of satisfaction which comes from academic work – reading and taking the time to reflect on deeper, more philosophical issues such as vision and values, in stark contrast with the mainly operational stuff which takes so much of my time at school”

Marco Gemelli, Assistant Head (Academic), St George’s British International School, Rome

“I particularly valued the flexibility of the course and the way it is structured. The time and space it afforded for reflection in between tasks and hotseats was very effective – it allowed for considered thought as well as further research, and application of knowledge gained to my current role/school”

Neelam Varma, Deputy Head (Pastoral), King Edward VI High School for Girls, Birmingham

“Participating in this course has brought home to me the need to set aside time for reflection on my own and others’ practice. It has also made me more reflective in my discussions with colleagues, within and outside my school setting, so that my focus is not entirely on the “here and now”.  The discussions, advice and think pieces have made me feel that I would like to “make the leap” to headship in due course and I have a clearer sense of what I need to do in the next few years to make that leap seem less daunting.”

Rhona Muir, Assistant Head (with responsibility for Lower School). James Allen’s Girls’ School