Comments from our May 2019 cohort

“Making time to commit to the course was a challenge, but I am glad I persisted as it has been very valuable. The scenarios were particularly useful and provided an insight into potential interview questions.”

Nicole Weatherston, Deputy Head Academic, Woldingham School

“I have learnt a great deal about headship, and myself as a leader, and have recommended this course to my Assistant Heads.”

Christabel Westall, Head of School, Terra Nova Prep School

“I feel that this course has really helped me to think about what I value, about what kind of leader I am and how I can improve my skills. I feel confident now that I know a lot more than I thought I did, and although in some of the conversations and tasks I have felt lacking in experience – that is not a barrier to being capable.”

Zoe Ross, Housemistress, St Mary’s Calne

“What have I particularly enjoyed? The collaboration and discussion and not feeling like I’m doing this learning on my own.”

Alison Sefton, Deputy Head Academic, Oswestry School

“I have learnt a lot about the role of the head, governors, bursar and also about myself and the leader I am and want to be.”

Emma Whitty, Housemistress, The Dragon School

“I really enjoyed the vision and values activity. I’ve always felt this was important but digging into this area made me think about my values, the importance of this in a school and how one goes about getting a culture established with full buy-in.”

Duncan King, Deputy Head Academic, King’s School, Worcester

“I have certainly gained a lot of understanding about the inner workings of headship and have been reassured that the topics we have covered have not been beyond my comprehension! As a Head of Faculty I have touched on many of the areas we have covered including marketing and finance, and now feel confident that I could work in these areas on a whole school level, given training and guidance.”

Natalie Timoney, Head of Science & Co-ordinator of Teaching and Learning, Royal Masonic School

“Reading the comments of the other participants (and Jill’s and Andrew’s) has given me great insight into the world outside my current school. Engagement through the written tasks has definitely enabled me to gain greater knowledge”

Rob Atkinson, Assistant Head (Head of Sixth Form), Alleyn’s School

“I really appreciated having pointers to all the different blogs etc that are available – having to put aside time to read things was invaluable and makes me realise how important this is.”

Annabel Bunce, Director of Studies, Mayfield Girls’ School

“I have found the quality of responses from other participants really enlightening.”

Caroline Rogerson, Assistant Head, HeadHill House School

“What have I particularly enjoyed?
The opportunity of discussing a great range of issues and ideas with a great collection of people. The expert panels and though-pieces were really interesting and I’m very grateful for all the insights offered by all the participants.”

Michael Reddish, Deputy Head Academic, Princethorpe College

“I have definitely increased my knowledge of the ‘business’ side of the school, particularly working with the bursar and the governing body.  Moreover, I have gained a great deal of confidence, safe in the knowledge that an effective ‘working knowledge’ will go a long way.”

Paul Jones, Deputy Head Academic, Shiplake College

“Completing the course will definitely help me to understand the finance governors’ meeting and the role of governors, and also in my work with the marketing and communications departments at school.”

Luke Ramsden, Senior Deputy, St Benedict’s School,

“The advice and guidance offered throughout the course has been terrific and it has made me reflect on how I lead in my area of responsibility at the moment.”

Edward Roberts, Assistant Head, University College School

“I now have a clearer sense of what it means to be a new head in an independent school and what it entails.”

Bruce Rickards, Deputy Head Pastoral and Head-Elect, The Hall School, Wimbledon

“The course has really helped my thinking. Having time to reflect has helped me feel more excited about a potential headship, and actually more confident.”

Sarah Squire, Deputy Head (students and staff), Oxford High School GDST

“Having a space to reflect away from the context of school has been very beneficial for my decision making and practice in school in particular.”

Emma Owen Davies, Assistant Head Teaching and Learning, and Deputy Head Pastoral Elect, Shrewsbury High School GDST

“The opinions and experience of all others on this course was enlightening. It highlights that although we are all in different stages of our career, and work in very different schools, the challenges we face daily and on our path to headship are very similar.”

Richard Turner, Deputy Head Curriculum, Thorpe Hall School

“I enjoyed simply engaging in a course that is bespoke and tailored to my specific needs at this point in my career. In many respects, I would like for it to have been longer but I have a clear sense of some key directions out of the course and look forward to pushing forward with greater confidence.”

John Kinniburgh, Head of Secondary School and Deputy Head, Prince Alfred College, Australia

“The activities have made it feel like the jump up to headship is more achievable than I previously suspected.”

Hayley Mortimer, Director of Co-Curricular, Taunton School

“Loved the hot seat sessions – they were brilliant. The flexibility was also ideal!”

Roberta Keys, Deputy Head Logistics, Malvern College

“What has been challenging (in a very positive sense) was trying to engage with these areas of leadership beyond the perspective of my own setting – stepping outside that context as well as examining it critically. And it was very gratifying to be able to reflect positively on my school from a position of more detached reflection!”

Anne-Marie Stanton-Ife, Assistant Head (Academic Director of Sixth Form), Headington School

“I was reassured and energised by the fact that I share the basic principles and ideas of good school leadership with so many experienced individuals.”

Aidan McLaughlin, Deputy Head Elect, St Helen’s College

“My objectives were ‘To understand better the challenges of becoming a Head, particularly in terms of running a school as a business as much as an institution of education. I’m also interested in learning more about how vision and values actually translate into practice.’ Without a doubt I have met these – the course addressed these head-on!”

Jonny Franks, Director of Sixth Form, Wycombe Abbey, and Upper School Division Head Elect, Whittle School and Studios, Shenzhen, China