Comments from our May 2020 cohort.

“I have revelled in the engagement with colleagues, built my network, reconnected with some and hope to continue to benefit from their wisdom and expertise.”

Jonny Timms, Head-Elect, Walhampton School


“This course has been so useful both in terms of expanding my knowledge now and giving me areas to focus on developing in the future.  I feel I could now articulate my own educational philosophy and vision with greater clarity and have a much better idea of how to frame this for a school in the role of head.”

Lucy Simson, Deputy Head of Girls, Berkhamsted School


“What a lot I’ve learnt, and what a lot there still is to explore…Courses like this will help to ascertain whether leadership really is for you, and talking to other leaders helps put one’s own experience and ambition in context.”

Fiona Fowles, Deputy Head, Malvern St James


“The unit I found the most interesting was the marketing one, particularly the hotseat, because I really got to grips with just how important marketing is.”

Karen Lea, Vice-Principal, state sector school


“I enjoyed the financial hotseat and it rightly generated lots of questions and things for me to go and find out.”

Kate Corbin, Deputy Head Pastoral, Wycliffe College


“We have a new Head beginning in September, so it will be interesting to start again with a greater knowledge gained here. I hope that it will help me support him in the best way possible…The course has certainly given me a whole new level of understanding of the multi-faceted world of headship and how building key relationships is so important.”

Bridget Ward, Deputy Head Operations, Woldingham School


“I have most definitely met my learning objectives and much more! One of my ‘lightbulb’ moments was the importance of creating a network of like-minded/similarly positioned people that I can regularly communicate with to bounce ideas off.”

Phillip Makhouli, Head-Elect, Holmwood House Prep School


“The course has given me a much better perspective of the big picture and I hope this will enable me to step back and give a more informed position from which to challenge and support my own school moving forward.”

Tara Reeve, Housemistress and Prep School Liaison, Downe House School


“I have particularly enjoyed engaging with other the other professionals on the course, learning from their current position and seeing that I am not the only person wanting answers to these questions.”

Richard Gould, member of the Leadership Team, Derby High School Primary School


“Top tip – if you are unsure about whether leadership is for you, investigate it – if you decide it is something you want to do, go for it, and if you decide it is not then nothing has been lost.”

Kelly Meuleman, Head of Religion, Philosophy and Ethics, St Helen and St Katharine


“Not only has the last four weeks given me a huge insight into leading an independent school but it has also helped prepare me and provide me with more confidence to be able to lead a school during this current climate.”

Amanda Willis, Head-Elect of Pre-Prep, Hoe Bridge School


“I’ve enjoyed reading other people’s posts. There are some great practitioners out there and the lack of arrogance and the proliferation of camaraderie has been cheering.”

Helen Foster, Deputy Head Pastoral, Loughborough Grammar School


“I have a clearer sense now of the type of schools which resonate with me, and how I can add value as a leader.”

Adam D’Souza, Teacher, St James’ Senior Boys’ School


“I have certainly gained a great deal of knowledge regarding marketing and finances, which were two areas I highlighted at the start of the course.”

Ben Chapman, Assistant Head Pastoral, Cumnor House, Sussex


“The course helped me to learn about parts of how a school operates that had hitherto been unknown to me. I suspect this will make me a better deputy head and able to better see beyond my ‘silo’ to the bigger picture.”

Michael Smyth, Deputy Head Academic, St Mary’s, Calne


“What I have learnt on this course will be invaluable to me next year and beyond, especially having developed my knowledge about bursarial matters and the ISI framework.”

Rachael Speirs, Acting Head, Saint Martin’s School, Solihull


“I have enjoyed reading about different perceptions of the topics and they have made me reflect on my own practice.”

Nicholas Shaw, Deputy Head, Heathside High School


“I have learnt so much from the course leaders and also from the weekly tutors who have contributed to my learning. The comments and thoughts provided by all the delegates have been first class.”

Richard Charman, Deputy Head, Merchiston Castle School


“I particularly enjoyed the very practical advice which has been given through the various think-pieces and blogs; how and where to find evidence of the schoo’ls business model, how to lead a school through inspection etc.”

Matthew Seddon, Deputy Head Pastoral, Kellett Senior School, Hong Kong


“I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. Having worked in the maintained sector for the past 12 years, it has been an incredibly helpful part of my transition into the independent sector and given me a great insight into some of the specific differences of leading in this sector.”

Toby Fisher, Deputy Head Pastoral, Maida Vale School