Comments from our October 2018 cohort

“I enjoyed the hotseat activities – people challenging my mind-set and putting forward alternative views to my own. It was interesting to read about other schools – how they are moving forward in challenging times.”

Jade-Danielle Peterson, PSHE Co-ordinator, Thorpe Hall School


“I think I have a fuller understanding of what leading a 21st Century independent school will be like, primarily because the response of the other colleagues on the course and the hotseat experts have forced me to think more broadly about the differences within our sector and the challenges which it undoubtedly faces.”

John Bleakley, Upper Master, Tonbridge School


“I certainly feel that the course has provided me with enough stimulus to feel energised and excited by the challenges that headship can offer but also respectful of the need to prepare as fully as possible.”

Sara Marriott, Assistant Head, Bickley Park School


“I have enjoyed the interaction with everyone, the sharing of knowledge and ideas, the realisation that a lot of us are doing very similar jobs in all sorts of schools and that it is good to feel a sense of camaraderie with other people in similar roles with similar aspirations.”

Paul Gerrard, Head of Sixth Form, Durham School


“I hope I will now be able to ‘step back’ a little at work and, instead of looking at purely operational issues, I shall try to look at the bigger picture and consider any challenges in a more strategic way.”

Emma Mayo, Deputy Head, The Leys School


“I now have a much greater appreciation of the bursar role; I particularly enjoyed the finance hotseat, which was very informative and eye-opening.”

Jo Hitchcock, Head of Maths, Year 11 and Careers, Thorpe Hall School


“The vision and values aspect of the course particularly helped and I feel I have a much stronger and clearer sense of both my own vision and values and what I would look for in a prospective school.”

Philippa Studd, Assistant Principal of the Junior School, Highgate School


“I think this course will help me target more specifically the type of school that I would like to move to next – albeit I am very happy in my current role! It will help any applications to be more focussed appropriately for the position that I apply.”

Greg Hunter, Assistant Head (Co-curricular), Princethorpe College


“I still have plenty to learn but an opportunity such as this to listen and learn from others and then reflect on my own beliefs and values has been incredibly valuable.”

Stuart Thompson, Deputy Head, Loughborough High School


“I feel that this course has really helped me to understand the wider pressures and responsibilities of headship, particularly with regard to finances and governance.”

Beth Dawson, Deputy Head, Sutton High School GDST


“I have particularly enjoyed reading comments from other participants, the course leaders and the hotseat guests. I am grateful to all for sharing their thoughts so generously.”

Catherine Bellars, Director of Learning and Teaching, Ballard School 


“Hearing the views of others has helped me to better shape define my own views and in some instances changed them.”

Brendan Stones, Deputy Head, Reigate Grammar School  


“I wanted to learn more about the ‘behind the scenes’ aspect of being a head, the nuts and bolts that you just don’t see (or only get glimpses of)…I wanted a deeper understanding. Yes, I really feel I have learned a huge amount about all the aspects covered.”

Sarah Harden, Head of Classics, Winchester College


“For me the most interesting thing has been hearing perspectives from different schools in what is a very diverse sector. I think it is very easy to become focussed on the challenges facing one’s own school and forget that other schools have very different challenges.”

Peter Sharp, Director of Teaching and Learning, Westminster School 


I found the sessions on marketing and school finances particularly thought provoking, in particular how you express the school’s vision to existing and potential customers and some of the key business decisions that need to be taken when running a scho

Ben Sandford-Smith, Deputy Head, Ryde School


“I wanted to know where my areas of weakness were in terms of leadership of an independent school. I know that this course has shown them to me and now I have the opportunity to go away and plug them before I apply to any posts in future.”

Andy Pinks, Assistant Head (Director of Studies), St Teresa’s School


“I really appreciated the online / in your own time element of this course. I’m not convinced that SLT courses that take you out of school for a short / sharp activity are particularly beneficial in the long run. This course has enabled me to ponder and engage in my own time.”

Elizabeth Rodgers, Assistant Head (Co-Curricular), Sheffield High School GDST


“What can I now identify as the top tips I would pass on to others considering independent school headship?

Do this course!”

William Scott, Deputy Head (Academic), St Lawrence College