Comments from our October 2020 cohort

“Completing this course has given me the confidence to believe in myself and just to get on and apply for schools that are the ‘right fit’ for me.”

Susannah Abbott, Deputy Head Pastoral, Queen’s College School

“It has been very interesting to hear other colleagues’ viewpoints, and it has stimulated my thoughts about the areas of leadership that I want to develop more.”

Sharon Boccaccini, College Deputy Head (Prep), St Joseph’s College in Reading

“The activities made me commit to making statements/decisions having considered the questions in a lot of depth – often with newer knowledge or wider insight…This course has certainly given me a fuller insight into the inner workings of independent schools and, for me, the newer learning involved finance, inspection matters and the importance of marketing.”

Keith Brown, Housemaster and Head of Transition, St Columba’s College

“Participating in the course, I realise how privileged I have been to work closely with members of SMT and that actually I knew more than I realised…The course has given me confidence.”

Jo Chappell, Deputy Head of Sixth Form, Hill House School

“There is a huge wealth of experience on show on these forums, and having access to that has made me reconsider all aspects of life in school…I am more interested in headship than ever, though I am also more aware of where my skillset is lacking.”

Daniel Hilton, Head of Seniors, Merchiston International School, Shenzhen, China

“My main learning objective was to discover whether or not I felt the role of Head was right for me based upon the discussion and information from the course. I think it has become clear to me that I could and very much want to do the job.  Obviously it is important to find the right fit…Completing the course has enabled me to think more strategically in my approach to career development, and where best I can develop my skills and knowledge going forward.”

Jonathon Scott, Director of Drama, Cranleigh School

“I have really enjoyed getting to look at other ways of thinking and perspectives of others working in different contexts.”

Charlotte Harrison, Director of Sixth Form with responsibility for Co-curricular and Careers, St Margaret’s School, Bushey

“I have certainly been given the right stimulation to reflect on my current role and understanding of it. Rome was not built in a day, but I think I have been given space to breathe and direction that will help me into the future.  As a new Head this has been a really important course. It has given me a clear idea of the things I need to be focussing on now, and prevented me going down a few rabbit holes. I need to refocus and reassess my priorities in these early days.”

Duncan Rose, Headteacher, Campion School, Athens

“I wanted to become more confident and knowledgeable in supporting my staff through an inspection and, while I still feel I can learn more, I know what I want to learn more about which is very useful.”

Suzanne Haigh, Deputy Head and Head of Pre-Prep, Kensington Wade School

“What headship means, the scope of the role, what it takes to be effective – these are things I’ve thought about in much more detail through the activities of the past few weeks.”

Rebecca Baxter, Assistant Head Co-curricular, University College School

“I have a much more detailed understanding of the mechanics of how the vital non-teaching elements of school work. I have a lot of questions to go back to school with and am now considering becoming a head…I have realised that I am more suited to the role than I had appreciated and it has crystalised that the relationships that you develop are vital to success.”

Paul Bunton, Director of Studies, Westbourne School

“My main focus was to see if I was ready for the leap and I think this course has made me believe that yes, I am. I am aware of the areas that I need to develop to do this but in fact I feel excited about the prospect.”

Clare Anderson-Au, Assistant Head, Tanglin Trust School, Singapore

“I certainly finish the course feeling reassured that I’m ready for the next step in my career, something I was doubting beforehand.”

Dianna Firbank, SENCO, with responsibility for whole-school data, Ipswich High School

“I signed up for the course with the intention of learning more about the business of headship, sharing ideas with other leaders in different sorts of schools and having a chance to formulate and articulate my own opinions on various issues. I have certainly achieved all of those and gained an appetite to learn more.”

Ellie Grunwald, Headteacher, Connaught House School

“Thank you for leading us through this brilliant course. I have very much enjoyed it!”

Laura Yandell, Assistant Head, Harrow International School, Hong Kong