Comments from our January 2019 cohort.

“I feel more confident about taking the next step and applying for headship. I now have a better idea of the research and preparation involved to make a successful application.”

Kirsten O’Hagan, Deputy Head, George Heriot’s Junior School, Edinburgh

“I have certainly explored my own vision and feel I understand how I lead and manage the teams I work with. I also think I have gained a greater understanding of the balancing act of running a school as well as an effective business.”

Abi Price, Assistant Head (Learning and Teaching), Kings Monkton School, Cardiff

“What have I particularly enjoyed? The group discussion and hearing from a variety of people with a range of backgrounds and experiences.”

George Budd, Deputy Head (Academic) Godolphin School and Principal-Elect of Moreton Hall

“I have received such practical and relevant advice which has been invaluable. I feel clearer about the challenges and responsibilities that lie ahead.”

Helen Shuttleworth, Deputy Head, Kirkham Grammar Junior, Infant and Pre-School

“I really liked the simple exploration and explanation in ‘Schools as Businesses’ where schools like ours were described as ‘facilitators… in partnership’ rather than mere service providers.”

Harry Crump, Senior House Master and Head of English, Radley College

“I think that I have more empathy for the role that is headship.”

Noeleen Murphy, Assistant Head (Academic), City of London School

“I’ve really enjoyed this style of learning. I’ve never done an online course like this before and was unsure how it would work, but the interactive nature of the hotseat tasks in particular was quite refreshing and inspiring”

Duncan Macdonald, Principal Teacher of Assessment, Erskine Stewart’s Melville School Junior School, Edinburgh

“I have very much enjoyed gaining ideas from everyone else, but it has also struck me how similar all our concerns and challenges actually are. This reassures me that the skill set I have from my current school will actually be transferable.”

Sarah Parker, Deputy Head (Pastoral and Boarding), Harrogate Ladies’ College

“The lightbulb moment was the informative hotseat on working with Bursars and Business Managers. Managing and understanding the financial operations of a school is something that I will need to continue to build on, but I do feel that I have a much better understanding than I did prior to the start of the course.”

Mark Bushby, Head of the Prep School, St Joseph’s Reading

“By far the most interesting aspect of the course has been the involvement in debate and information sharing with teachers with similar ambitions to my own. It’s not always easy to discuss career progression with colleagues and it had been fascinating and empowering to be able to do this and be encouraged when doing so.”

David Noble, Assistant Head (Head of Main School), Trent College

“I feel that after the last month of reading, discussion and reflection though this course that I’m now at a stage where I can confidently add more knowledge to my headship portfolio.”

Rhys Johnston, Deputy Head, James Allen’s Girls’ Preparatory School

“I now feel much more aware of all the different aspects of the role of head and the delicate balance between them all. I feel that I not only have a fuller knowledge but also a deeper understanding of each of the parts of the job.”

Leigh O’Hara, Assistant Head (Director of Partnerships) and Director of Music, St Paul’s Girls’ School

“I feel much more at home with the subject of Governance, understanding the importance of an effective and well-balanced governing body and all that goes to ensure they work well alongside the Head.”

Kaye Extance, Assistant Head (Co-Curricular and Enrichment), Ipswich High School

“I have learnt that it is important to take the context of the school into account – things may need to change but this will only happen if you show empathy and understanding for the ‘spirit’ of the school whilst demonstrating sympathetically but confidently what could be better.”

Mairead Carney, Head of the Preparatory Department, St Mary’s School, Gerrards Cross

“The scenario response to starting a headship in the Vision and Values unit made me think I might actually be able to do this!”

Sarah Wilson, Senior Deputy Head, Cranford House School

I have found the course a great challenge, and opportunity, to think about what really matters in educational leadership, and I have realised – my lightbulb moment – that I should be getting on with it. I now feel as ready as I’m going to get in my current role.”

Ian Sheldon, Deputy Head (Academic), Queenswood School

“Although I am currently an AHT, I was confident that this course would provide me with a sound base from which to build a career as a senior leader, if only to identify those areas which I had very little knowledge about. I wanted the course to spark an interest and it certainly did that!”

Daniel Sabato, Assistant Head (Teaching and Learning), and Deputy Head-Elect, Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls

“I have particularly enjoyed the challenge of the content and the opportunity to reflect upon my own opinions/experiences as a member of SLT”

Claire Pitchford, Head of Sixth Form, St Teresa’s, Effingham

“I have enjoyed reading and learning from the contributions of other colleagues in a variety of settings. The combined wisdom and expertise has been extremely powerful and has led to the sharing of some great ideas which I am looking to take forward in my current school.”

Laura Beynon, Deputy Head (Academic), Redmaids’ High School

“My aims for the course were to feel more confident in my knowledge and understanding of the head’s role in an independent school, particularly with regard to the business/finance and governance aspects. This has been achieved and I can also now see how all the aspects link together but must all be underpinned by crystal clear vision and values.”

Jane Daly, Deputy Head (Pastoral), Bishops’ Stortford College

“I enjoyed very much interacting with colleagues from other schools who have different ideas and experiences; it is something we should do more often.”

Peter Blair, Housemaster, Haileybury

“I guess at times the size of the role of head becomes more obvious and I had a few moments of imposter syndrome about the whole thing… but I go away much more encouraged that I’m exploring the right path”

Joe Sidders, Deputy Head (Learning), Monkton Combe School

“Every activity has made me think about that particular competence and the resources provided have been very useful. The discussion of vision, marketing and finance have been particularly useful.”

Rupert Heathcote, Second Master, King Edward’s School, Birmingham

“It has been a privilege to hear insights from the various experts, and also to see the ideas and experiences offered by other delegates. I think this latter aspect sets the LIS course well apart from other ‘in-person’ courses, where a few voices can easily become prominent.”

Will Davidson, The Leys, Cambridge