Comments from our January 2018 cohort

“I have gained further insight into the level of understanding and vision a Head needs across all areas of school, I have explored my own vision for education, and I have a clearer view of what being a Headteacher involves – and found that it is attractive!”

Graham Clark, Assistant Head (Curriculum and Co-Curricular), Bristol Grammar School

“I found the hotseats very interesting and insightful; comments from the experts, Jill and Andrew as well as from other people on the course really made me think.”

Dina Hamalis, Academic Director, Sarum Hall School

“The vision and aims section was really good. Thinking hard about schools and myself was a useful step.”

Sara Williams-Ryan, Head-elect, The Falcons School for Girls

“I feel fully equipped to address the areas that come up in the interview process but also tremendously reassured that I am doing the right thing and that my desire to be a Head is not just a pipedream but is actually a very exciting aspiration.”

Jeremy Wyld, deputy Head, Holmewood House School

“I have hugely enjoyed it and would go so far as to say that it is the most useful CPD I have ever done, combining so much into the course and having the flexibility to do it remotely on my timescales has been hugely valuable.”

Simon Heard, Deputy Head, St Lawrence College

“I have found the posts and thinkpieces really interesting, making me take some time to think and review what I do and could do.”

Adrian Dellar, Senior Deputy Head, King Edward VI School, Southampton

“What was the ‘lightbulb’ moment that really made me think?
The true meaning of marketing…. I think my own simplistic understanding had marketing largely consisting of advertising, but I found the hotseat incredibly useful for challenging my perception and giving me a far greater level of understanding.”

Christian Saenger, Deputy Head (Academic), York House School

“I have enjoyed the sharing of views and experiences with peers. Hearing how other schools deal with various issues and how others have made those first steps towards headship has been especially helpful.”

Daniel Wilson, Assistant Principal (Professional Development and Systems), Concord College

“I really enjoyed the focus on aims and values…. It has improved my understanding of the role of the Head as an individual who must articulate these aims and values, and this starts from the moment of application.”

Owen Morris, Deputy Head (Pastoral and Co-Curricula), Hampton School

“I definitely feel I have developed my understanding of both financial and marketing strategy but also that I still have a lot to learn! The hotseat discussions were excellent and very informative. The course has motivated me to be proactive in finding out more and to talk to key people in my current school with responsibility for these areas.”

Phil King, Director of Studies, Birkdale School

“Perhaps the biggest “lightbulb moment” for me was to realise that there is much to be gained from immersing myself more in the “conversation” of UK education, through blogs, articles, and Twitter!”

Tracy Blignaut, Head, Peterhouse Girls, Zimbabwe

“The course has really focused my thinking on areas beyond the operational leadership of a school that the deputy head so often experiences.”

Rebecca Findlay, Deputy Head of the Junior School, The British School, The Netherlands

“The various discussions and hotseats have also thrown up lots of really useful nuggets for application preparation.”

Julius Sidwell, Vice-Principal, New Hall School

“The course has given me a wonderful insight into some key areas relating to headship. Significant learning came from the business and marketing elements. The practical advice has been invaluable.”

Joanne Keville, Acting Head, The Queen’s School, Chester

“Being the Head of an independent school requires a vast range of skills and I think this course has been brilliant at highlighting them, and then giving me space to reflect.”

Chrissie Reynolds, Head of Science, DLD College, London